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17 Practical Tips For Personality Development

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In this article, you will know about the practical ways of personality development.

How do people describe personality?

You might have heard about someone that he/she has a great personality.

What does it mean by a great personality?

Does it mean he or she has an amazing look, or it is about someone’s decent attire? Obviously, the answer is “NO.”

“Personality is a combination of an individual’s thinking, feeling, acting, and communicating patterns. It is an art of attracting people through words and actions.”

Personality doesn’t mean good and charming look, it is beyond that. It is a consolidation of physical and mental state which reflects an individual’s overall existence.

Your personality represents your individual self from others. It differentiates you that how you think, feel, and react to each and every situation in your life.

It is true that your upbringing, environment, and life long situations impact your personality. But it is also true that you can improve your personality the way you want it, you can become your best self.

You can develop a great personality by hanging around with new people, adding some new skills in your life, and enjoying the life itself.

Here are some practical tips, which can help you to develop an impressive personality:

1. Great Personality Doesn’t Mean Good Looking

First thing first!

Personality represents your overall traits whether it’s your appearance or you as a complete inner self. It is not just about how you look.

Your appearance, attitude, your knowledge, your values in life, and many other characteristics create you a great personality.

Maintaining patience even in an adverse situation, not reacting to things too much, your decision-making skills are some of the great personality traits. It is not only about the look you’ve got from nature.

Try to focus on things that matter most in your life to become an ideal personality, and work on them accordingly.

2. Get Well Dressed-up

Start focusing on your outfit as per your body structure and skin complexion. Dress up appropriately as per the place you are in. Mind your dressing sense whether you are at work, or at a party, or in a social gathering. This will help you to develop your personality in the first place.

Your dressing sense plays an important role in your personality. A good look will be an add-on in it but if you don’t dress up as per the location and circumstances you are in, you will lose it.

Your dressing sense says a lot about you. It also affects your behavior, confidence, and even your communication with people. So, try to wear appropriate attire to make your first impression, the rest of the part will be made by your internal qualities.

3. Be A Good Listener

Being a good listener is an essential key to develop a personality. It attracts people to share detailed information and make them feel comfortable to interact with you.

It makes others feel that you really care about them and give them importance in your life. So, don’t just hear but listen to people.

Make eye contact, nod when another person is interacting with you. Pay attention to what they are saying.

Keep listening; don’t interrupt them until they finish their part. Show them as they are more important then you are.

If you don’t understand something, let them pause first and then paraphrase and ask gently what you missed or don’t understand.

Acknowledge what they are saying and try to empathize with the same feeling what they are in.

Keep your phone away when you are in a conversation with people or avoid touching it.

Never ever ignore people watching at your wristwatch, if you do so, it shows you are not interested in them and want to go. So, be an active listener.

4. Expand Your Area Of Interest

If you want people to show their interest in you, you have to become an interesting person. So, keep expanding your areas of interest.

If you explore more things and be curious to know about them, it will helpful for your mental health as well.

Keep discovering new things in life and keep gaining knowledge about things you are surrounded with. This will help you to share your knowledge and make more conversations with people of different interests. Eventually, you will learn from more people and able to develop your personality.

The more fields of interest you would have, the more people you will be able to interact with.

Be creative and develop the ability to think outside the box. Develop the habit of learning new things and you will have something to share with people with different kinds of personality traits.

Read books, articles, blog posts like this, watch informational audio-visuals, and try to learn from them.

Go out socialize with people and learn from them. To do this you only need one thing that is utilizing your time; don’t just pass your time, utilize it. It means, hanging out with people and make meaningful conversations which helps you to learn something from their life’s experience.

Keep your observation always on and you will able to learn from every situation all the time, which will help you to expand your area of interest to enhance your personality.

5. Develop An Optimistic Viewpoint 

If you are a person who mostly complains about your life, nobody will like you.

Most people have different kinds of problems in their life, but it is not good talking about problems and difficulties with everyone in any place.

Think about yourself, which kind of people you want yourself to be surrounded by, off-course those who have a humorous and positive attitude to life, right?

Or you want to sit with negative complaint jars, no, am I right?

The same thing applies to everyone; nobody likes to interact with a person who always starts with pessimism.

Remember, everybody has his or her own problem to deal with, so nobody would like to take more. Therefore, don’t always think about your personal problems, especially when you are with your colleagues or in any social gathering.

Always try to be in the present moment, choose the bright side of a situation to discuss, and develop a positive attitude.

Be cheerful, make others laugh. Your optimistic viewpoint will attract people, and they will always ask you to spend some moments of your time with them.

We are always get influenced by people who we are surrounded with. So, try to be with people who spread some vibes of positivity and happiness.

Don’t talk bad about people, don’t make fun of anyone, and always try to avoid people with a doubtful and negative attitude. Stay away from gossipers and backbiters. Sit with people who have some vision in their lives. This will help you to develop a good personality.

 6. Develop Leadership Skills And Support Others

Leadership skills will add a great part in your personality. Leaders aren’t born; they are created, so learn to take responsibilities and lead others.

To achieve great success in your life, you must develop leadership skills and keep it polishing by life long learning and observing different situations in different stages of life.

At work, you need leadership skills to deal with people and motivate them. You have to be a quick decision-maker even in an adverse situation. Motivating others and keeping you motivated is a great tool for a leader which helps to develop a strong personality.

Your skills of leadership will spread a vibe of positivity, and people will feel safe when they are accompanied by you.

Try to help people as per the knowledge and time you have. Support people in their tough situations. Defend them from any upcoming risk and help them to make decisions, and they will definitely love and respect you. This will make you feel proud and add more confidence to your personality.

At times, your friends or someone whom you are attached to maybe in a tough situation and need your help. Do help them. For that, they will start treating you with more respect in their life, and give you the same help and support in return when you needed it.

See, life is a combination of giving and taking. Being successful is a good thing, but being humble and down to the earth is a sign of great personality.

Moreover, appreciate people for their accomplishment, for their decision making, and even for their attire and new hairstyle sometimes.

Everyone feels amazing when they get good compliments from others and it enhances their level of confidence to make them feel good about themselves. Praise people for their good work, for their positive attitude and calm, or whatever you like about them and they will love you for this.

Do it when it is required, being fake in this will be a loss of faith and respect.

7. Show Confidence And Be A Nice Persona

As mentioned, personality doesn’t mean a charming look and beautiful attire, it is beyond that.

The spark of confidence in your eyes, the tone of your voice, and your physical gesture will always reflect in your personality.

Always try to keep the pitch of your voice soft and speak firmly with a genuine smile.

Your body language plays an essential role in personality development. Keep your eye contact maintained when communicating with someone, be open to them.

Hold your shoulders back and be relaxed. Don’t keep your hands folded and your feet crossed when interacting with somebody.

Always greet people with a firm handshake and hold your head high. Wearing a pleasant smile will always enhance your level of confidence.

Take a stand and come forward when it comes to responsibility and decision making.

Learn to make smart decisions and stick to your words.

Develop a habit of encouraging people and try your best to help them in moving forward in their life so that they can make progress.

To develop a good personality, you must learn to show up with confidence.

You can read this article to level-up your confidence, 9 Proven Ways To Improve Self-Confidence

8. Have Integrity And Treat People With Respect

Always keep your promises. If you make any commitment to people, fulfill it. Be honest and truthful to yourself and the people you are connected to.

Respect is always given and taken kind of thing, if you can’t respect others, don’t expect it from them. Your quality of integrity and respect will always reflect a good personality among people.

To live a happy and valuable life it is necessary to respect others and yourself as well.

9. Be Yourself To Develop Your Personality

You have something unique in you like everybody else, so don’t pretend to be someone else.

Be yourself; don’t even try to copy others. Your body language always reflects your true self, so don’t try to be someone else or fake. If you do so, you will become dishonest and untrustworthy which are bad personality traits.

Always try to represent your uniqueness only; it is not possible to steal someone else’s personality until you develop one.

If somebody really influences you, try to be adaptive and learn those good habits which attract you toward them.

Everybody has their own unique skills, so try to focus on them and make them your strength. Focus on your positive qualities and polish them to be an amazing personality.

Your inner gift will help you to deliver something different to this world. You just need to recognize it and work upon it in order to become a better personality to grow and succeed in life.

Comparing yourself with others means insulting your uniqueness. So, don’t compare your strengths with others when it comes to proving yourself on some occasions.

Be the one which actually you are, don’t imitate someone else.

Don’t let you down doubting your personality. If you need any specific personality trait, it can be developed by continuous learning and adapting to new things.

Trust yourself and keep developing new skills to enhance your personality.

10. Be Conversationalist And Develop Presentation Skills

Work on your communication skills and always inclined to learning so that you can converse in every situation; no matter what the subject is.

Be confident when you are in a conversation, deliver the information effectively. Become an impressive communicator by developing your listening and speaking skills.

Yes, it is true that nobody can learn everything, but developing the skills of making conversation can help to share and gain knowledge.

Learn to deliver your message effectively without hesitating, delaying without any fear of people’s judgment.

Learn to be a creative speaker and a better communicator. Presentation skills will help you in every place throughout the journey of your life.

11. Expand Your Network

Try to meet as many people as you can to give and take the information and share the knowledge.

You will learn a lot by making interaction with different kinds of people and involving in different events. You will learn from their experience and knowledge.

By meeting new people you will develop the ability to deal with people which will enhance your quality of leadership.

Engaging with new people will help you to understand the new culture; you will get some new ideas and opinions which will enhance your personality.

12. Learn Interpersonal Skills To Develop Your Personality

To improve your personality, keep improving your soft skills.

Work on your communication skills, relationship management skills, and body language.

Your interpersonal skills will always help you in your both personal and professional life.

Developing good interpersonal skills are one of the essential traits of a great personality. You can’t move a step ahead without them. So, know your level of interpersonal skills and keep polishing them to develop your personality.

13. Develop Sense Of Humour And Have Fun

Don’t always work for goals and run behind the target. It’s good being serious about your career but not all the time.

Add some humor in your personality, crack some jokes, and laugh on other people’s jokes and humor.

Don’t live a boring life, add something interesting in it. Make people laugh around you.

Try to break the monotonous routine and divert the concentration of people from a stressful situation. But always do it in a sensible and acceptable manner.

Don’t become too serious as nobody likes people who are serious in every situation.

People feel bore when accompanied by a serious person. So, try to add something humorous by cracking a joke or funny storytelling when talking to people or doing long conversations.

This will make your personality more attractive and people will love to have your company.

14. Keep Learning New Skills, To Develop Your Personality

Improve as a brand by adding plenty of skills in your personality.

Become an excellent communicator even in an adverse situation. Gain as much knowledge as you can, apply it in your life, and share the knowledge with others. Do it in a humble way and in a helping manner.

Develop the habit of personalization and make others feel important.

Keep absorbing the knowledge by reading books and articles, by listening to podcasts and audiobooks, by watching audio-visuals.

Continuous learning helps you to hone a good-Personality

Never give yourself an excuse that you don’t have time to learn.

Read when you are waiting for someone, listen to an audiobook during your travel, even you can read a small article during your loo breaks. Always incline yourself to learn.

You cannot quit your dull habits but you can replace them with a positive one. For example, you can read books instead of spending tons of hours on social media, or you can buy an online course rather than watching a movie.

The bottom line is;

Keep learning new things by reading books, watching audio-visuals, and listening to podcasts to upgrade your knowledge. Then apply that knowledge to improve your overall personality.

15.  Show And Accept Opinions

Mostly, different people have different opinions about the same thing in the same situation. In this case, you can show your opinion but do not oppose others directly.

Anyone could be wrong, but learn to accept other’s points of view as well.

The argument is not an answer here; nobody can win an argument. So, learn to accept different types of opinions from people and you will be respected for understanding their opinions even if they are wrong.

16. Stay Open For Feedback from Others

When it comes to feedback, be open to it. Don’t take someone’s comment on heart, don’t feel offended, and be relaxed when getting feedback from someone.

Take feedback from people, evaluate it, and then work upon it. Don’t argue if you are disagreeing with other’s comments, just take it for time being and later you can leave it.

Sometimes, you will get feedback from peer group; try to evaluate it and take it, thank them whether it is positive or negative.

Learn to accept feedback with unshaken confidence without judging the person who’s giving you feedback or suggestion. Feedback is good which reminds you of your mistakes and helps you to grow with continuous improvement.

On the other hand, keep self-evaluating your progress and know what else you need to add in your personality to take it to the next level.

Make notes about the personality traits which you need to develop first and work upon that.

Take one by one and keep improving for your continuous growth.

Analyze all the qualities in you and prioritize them as per the need for your career growth; it could be boosting confidence, presentation skill, dressing sense, etc.

Keep adding them in your decent personality one by one, and you will see yourself on the peak someday.

Be adaptive for feedback and always inclined to learn. By working continuously on feedbacks, you will easily able to develop your personality.

17. Create a Trademark For Yourself

Last but not least,

Understand you are different and unique from others, but at the same time don’t be egoistic.

Wherever you go, whomever you meet to, leave an impression so that they can remember you from the first time.

Be the owner of your good personality and spread all the possible positive vibes among others.

It is not required to show off; once you will have developed your personality, it will become automatic to leave an impression on others with your good personality traits.

Finally, I would say,

By adding these simple and practical tips in your personality, you will see a big change in your life and definitely get feedback “what a great personality you have.”

Don’t think too much, don’t get overwhelmed with improving too many things at the same time. Make some notes about what you need to do to develop your personality and start working on them one by one by today itself.

Believe that one day you will have all these qualities in you and people will notice you, respect you, and appreciate you for your great personality.

One day you will become a role model for your family, your peer-group, and society.

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All the best.

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