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Motivational blog that is bringing you essential life-skills to make you more courageous, confident and motivated

You have the potential to achieve the success you dream about. You can avail all the resources to live a happy, peaceful and extraordinary life.

TheVictorMind will help you find your true potential and guide you to leverage that potential 100% to live a purposeful driven life.

Following this personal development blog will not let you feel lost, misguided, and overwhelmed and you will be able to identify the warrior inside you to overcome the challenges life throws at you.

The Mission of the Victor Mine is to help you develop a great personality, lead you to the top with advanced communication skills, and help you stay motivated in every situation of life.

In this personal development blog, you will find practical tips and tactics to improve your personality and communication skills to reach heights in your personal, professional, and social life.

You will find tips to develop courage, confidence and capability to achieve your goals. 

The Victor Mind is on a mission to guide you through the Victory by overcoming every obstacle on your way to success so that you can lead from the front.


A motivation blog to drive you towards the success you are made for

TheVictorMind was founded by Gudda Singh Rauthan in January 2020 to teach essential skills required to live a meaningful life.

I see talented people around who don’t have the courage and confidence to show up their expertise. They fail just because of improper communication skills. Low self-esteem drowns them down to demotivation and steals their true potential away.

I was in a job interview when I met a fellow interview candidate Ronit. During the 5 hours wait for our interview turn we discussed a lot and know each other.

Ronit told me about all his interviews attempt for finding a good job but, every now and then he’d been getting rejected.

He told me about the feedback he often gets and his feeling at the time for appearing for every job interview.

After knowing Ronit’s story I started praying for his job without caring about mine. I was currently working and searching for a better job opportunity but Ronit was struggling for getting a job.

After knowing about his interviews and the feedback he was getting I came to know that he was capable of doing things but was not able to express that he can do them.

Ronit was lacking communication skills which were demotivating him and becoming the major cause of rejection.

And that’s where I decided to launch TheVictorMind to teach people like Ronit communication skills and personality development tips so that they can become confident and stay ahead using their full potential.


It is difficult to stay motivated all the time, but knowing your purpose can drive you through consistency, discipline, and success.

Follow TheVictorMind to find your purpose, to create a roadmap to pursue that purpose and to become successful.