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How To Stay Motivated [10 Practical Steps]

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Yes, it is not that easy to stay motivated all the time. Mostly when you are facing a tough time and things are not going the way you want them to go.

You are putting your best with all the available resources you have to get the results, but it seems hard to get the desired outcome and you are not feeling start it over again.

Or, you might be feeling demotivated due to a lack of resources, knowledge, and support.

Don’t worry, you have come to the right place.

Here, I am going to discuss the best tips to stay motivated.

These are the tips I personally apply in my life when I feel down.

1. Choose a career as per your interest to stay motivated

1st and foremost step to stay motivated is to seek the career you are interested in.

It is important to have an interest in your work, whether you do a job or business.

Choose your career as per your interest and not as per the potential in that particular field. You can be a master of any field and become successful.

First, think about how your chosen career will lead your life and then plan how you are going to you pursue it and achieve success.

Don’t select your career for just the sake of money and selfishness.

Every new field requires much time and effort in the initial phase, and if you don’t have an interest in it you will be de-motivated and give up.

On the other hand, if you choose a career you are interested in, you will start working with passion and love and always stay motivated to touch new heights in your career.

And even after difficulty and hard work in the beginning you won’t get exhausted and keep doing it with inner motivation.

So, the first thing is to choose a career as per your interest not as per other people’s suggestions or by comparing the outcome for others in that particular field.


As many of the influence and market leader says, “Do the things you love, or start loving the things you do and you will not feel as you are working on it.” Moreover, you will enjoy it and this will stay you motivated.

2. Prioritize the things as per their importance

Prioritize the things before you messed up with them.

Understand the importance of money, health, and relationship and maintain a balance between them.

Spend your time wisely to balance your work and life.

You need to understand when to give priority to the relationship and when your money is important.

To invest your time in them don’t forget to take care of your health. Balance in these three things is mandatory to keep your life on track and stay motivated.

Don’t lose your health running after the money, if you do so you will give that money away to get your health back.

Never ever replace your time with money when it comes to your loved ones, it will cause a conflict and end up with de-motivation.

So, give importance to these three things as per their importance to maintain the balance in life. It will let you stay motivated and happy.

3. Divide Your Big Tasks To Stay Motivated

To maintain consistency and motivation it is helpful to divide your big goals into small parts.

The purpose of breaking your big tasks into parts is to avoid the monotonous attitude of the brain.

When you break your goals, it seems like many small set goals can be completed in a shorter period of time with lesser energy.

And, when something can be completed in a shorter period of time with lesser energy, you will get excited to complete it and stay motivated.


So, divide your big goals into smaller parts, set them for daily, weekly, and monthly basis to stay motivated.

4. Visualize positive results to stay motivated

There are chances of both success and failure, but you can’t think of negative results when doing something to make a difference.

Keeping a single doubt on your capability in achieving something will push you toward negativity and take your courage away and you will end up with de-motivation.

When executing a plan, keep visualizing the positive outcome and success.

Don’t think about falling down when you’re climbing a ladder of success to attract a negative vibe of failure.

Whatever the end result will be, work with your full potential by making use of all the available resources.

Fear of failure will impact your strength and increase the chances of poor results.

So, stay focused and put the best you can without any single doubt in you.

If you succeed you will meet the motto of the deed, and if you lose, you will learn a lesson to execute better next time.

Visualizing the success will help you to stay motivated without losing your concentration and strength.

Visualizing positive results will help you to stay motivated and productive.

5. Develop the ability to bounce back

All our hard work and patience don’t pay off sometimes. You will get both good and bad results.

But, you must have the ability to bounce back when results are not as per your expectation.

When something negative happens, take a small pause, analyze the cause of failure before reacting to it and re-start again with a different strategy and a positive mindset.



Your ability to succeed doesn’t only depend on every positive outcome but on failures as well. Because failures teach you big lessons and make you stronger.

So, learn from every circumstance and focus on what comes next not on the past. Develop a never giving up attitude.

“If it were easy, everybody would have it.”-             


6. Replace poor habits with good habits

Stop things that kill your time and energy and move you in a negative direction.

Get rid of doing the things you feel regret doing.

When you are dragged by temptation, go out in open space or make a phone call to your well-wisher or mentor to attract positivity.

Or, simply take a power nap and relax.

Learn to drive the energy of the thought process in a positive direction.

If you don’t feel anything to do just go for a short run with your favourite music to refresh your mind and level up your motivation.

Read books, listen to positive talks, or go through the advice from masters in your field.

Whenever there is a temptation or distraction or the urge of behaviour that is going to harm you; divert your energy in the right direction, else you will end up with a bad result and fall under de-motivation.

Always try to focus on the brighter side to avoid negativity. Limit your time with social media as it is the biggest distractor and timekiller in today’s life.

You can’t stay motivated by engaging with the things which are killing your time and ruining your careers.

“First, you need to create your habits and then they will create you.”

7. Work for the best, deal with the worst

Put your best whatever will be the outcome.

Let’s face it.

Every step cannot be a successful step. So, don’t regret it if something doesn’t go as per the set plan.

When it doesn’t work a certain way; change the strategy, change the plan and give it a stronger shot next time.

Life is a combination of ups and downs, so prepare yourself in such a way that you could handle it in both situations.

There is no loss until you are safe and sound.

You can feel a waste of time and effort when something doesn’t go well. But remember, you can put in your 150% next time and finish the task in half of the time with better results.

This step is one of the best steps to stay motivated without losing enthusiasm for further actions.

8. Stay Healthy: Stay Motivated

Eat good food and do meditation to keep your body and mind healthy. This will maintain your energy level and keep you motivated.

Keep an eye on your food and drink whatever you consume. Never eat or drink which doesn’t suit you just for the sake of taste only.

Maintain your routine to keep the smooth functionality of your body parts. Include some physical activity in your daily routine.

Medite for at least 10-15 minutes every day.

Maintaining a good diet with meditation and exercise will provide you with a healthy body and mind to stay motivated throughout the day.

If required, seek a bit of expert advice to maintain your fitness.

Your body and mind are the most important assets you have so, always take care of them.

Have a balanced and appropriate diet, do exercise and take a good amount of sleep to stay motivated and fit. 

9. Keep upskilling and improving

Never stop upgrading yourself with new knowledge and skills.

Perfecting your primary skills and learning new ones around them will make you an expert in your field.

Becoming a better version of yourself will keep you moving and maintain your level of motivation throughout your career.

Keep learning from different sources like; books, videos, podcasts, and blogs like this.

Keep yourself surrounded by like-minded people; try to reach out to the experts in your industry for guidance.


Learn from every situation of life and keep growing with experience as you grow.

Upgrading your skill set will help you grow and maintain your motivation for lifelong.

10. Stay driven towards your goal

Set a realistic goal, decide the deadline, and stay driven towards that.

Immersion is the key here;

immerse yourself in your goal so deeply that nothing can distract you and de-motivate you.

Whatever your next goal is just write it down on papers and stick it on the places where you spend your time. You can hang it on the wall of your room or washroom or you can stick it at the backside of your mobile, or in front of the computer desk.

This will keep reminding you about your goals and help you to stay driven to them and keep yourself motivated.

Bonus Tip:

Walk your talk: Stay committed 

Plan it, feel it, and act. Act on it whatever you plan without a single doubt.

Not only think big but also develop the ability to do big. Work on any level but keep your mind and body connected.

That means whatever your mind is planning, you are acting on it.

Bottom line;

If you fill up yourself with motivation by going through lots of stuff but don’t take any action you will end up with no result and de-motivation.

Moreover, if you fill your mind with extreme motivation without having energy in your body you will end up with de-motivation.

So, go through the strategies and at the same time implement them.

This was my guide to stay motivated. Let me know in the comment below if you have any questions.

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