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10 Steps To Stay Motivated

Yes, it is not that easy to stay motivated all the time. Mostly when you are facing a tough time and things are not going the way you want.

We often not get the results as per the efforts we put and start thinking it is not easy to achieve success.

Or, sometimes we lack the resources and feel exhausted when it appears hard to chase our goal with our limited sources.

Don’t worry, I am sharing below tips that I personally applied in my life. Also, these tips are helping many of my friends to stay motivated.

1. Choose a career as per your interest to stay motivated

1st and foremost step to stay motivated is to seek for the career you are interested in. It is important to have an interest in your work, whatever you do a job or business.

Most people see their career as per the potential of that particular field not as per their interest in it.

They just think how this career path will lead their life not how they will do it and become a leader in it.

Most of the time people select their career for the sake of money only that if they work on this or that specific field, they will become rich.

As every new field asks for much time and effort in the initial time, and if we don’t have an interest in it we will be de-motivated and give up.

On the other hand, if we choose the career as per our interest which drives our passion, we start loving to do it.

And even after difficulty and hard work on the initial stage we don’t get exhausted and keep doing it with inner motivation.

So, the first thing is to choose a career as per your interest not which other people suggest you do or comparing others who are making money from it.


As many of the influence and market leader says, “Do the things you love, or start loving the things you do and you will not feel as you are working on it.” Moreover, you will enjoy it and this will make you stay motivated.

2. Prioritize the things as per their importance in life:

Prioritize the things before you messed up with them. Understand the importance of money, health, and relationship.

Spend your time wisely to balance your work and life.

You need to understand when to give priority to the relationship and when your money is important.

To invest your time in them don’t forget to take care of your health. Balance in these three things is mandatory to keep your life on track and stay motivated.

Don’t lose your health running after the money, if you do so you will give that money away to get your health back.

Never ever replace your time with money when it comes to your love ones, it will cause a conflict and end up with de-motivation.

So, give importance to all three as per their importance to maintain the balance in life. It will help you to be happy and motivated.

3. Divide Your Goals In Small Parts To Stay Motivated

It is helpful when you divide your big goals into small parts. The sole purpose of this tactic is to avoid the monotonous attitude of your brain.

When you break your goals, it seems like many small set goals that can be completed in a shorter period of time with lesser energy.

And when something can be completed in a shorter period of time with lesser energy you will get excited to complete it and stay motivated.

Stay motivated

So, divide your big goals into smaller parts, set them for daily, weekly, and monthly basis to keep you motivated.

If you are working part-time on your ultimate goals, whenever you get some spare time to add value in it by doing something for your goals.

Putting a little each and every day, you will build up an empire.

4. Visualize The Success

There are chances of failure but you can’t think of it when working on a project or doing something for influential results on your life.

If you do so it will kill your vibes of optimism and you will keep losing the courage of success and end up with de-motivation.

When executing a plan or taking meaningful action, just visualize the positive outcome and keep the hope of success alive.

Don’t just think about falling down when you’re climbing a mountain, don’t let the negative vibe of failure exist.

Whatever the end result will be, you just keep giving your best as per the potential you have with all the available resources.

Fear of losing will impact your strength and increase the chances of bad results.

So, stay focused and put the best you can without caring too much about the end result.

Just do the jobs with your best expertise. And from here, if you succeed you will meet the motto of the deed, and if you lose it you will learn a new lesson which will make you stronger for next time.

This attitude will help you to stay motivated without losing your concentration and strength.

5. Develop the ability to bounce back with greater efforts

Keep in mind you will not succeed every time. Sometimes a situation will be not in your favor and you might fall down.

But, you must have the ability to bounce back. When something negative happens, take a small pause, analyze the cause of it before responding to it and re-start again with bigger effort as soon as you can.

Stay motivated

Remember, your ability to succeed is not depending on overall steps you climb up, but also on every step you fall down and get up instantly with the better strength.

Just learn from the event and don’t go deeper into the past instead, focus on what comes next. Develop a never giving up attitude.

“If it were easy, everybody would have it.”-             


6. Break habits which are breaking you

Stop the things which kill your time and energy and move you in a negative direction.

Get rid of doing the things you feel regret about.

Whenever such behavior utters go out in open space or make a phone call to your well-wisher or mentor who helps you in climbing the ladder of success.

Or, try to give rest to your body and mind by taking a nap.

Learn to drive the energy of the thought process in a positive direction.

If you don’t feel anything to do just go for a short run with your favorite music, it will refresh your mind and level up your motivation.

Read books, listen to positive talks, or go through the advice from masters in your field.

Whenever there is a temptation or distraction or the urge of behavior that is going to harm you; divert your energy in the right direction, else you will end up with a bad result and fall under de-motivation.

Always try to focus on Bright side to avoid negativity. Limit your time with social media as it is the biggest distractor and timekiller in today’s life.

We can’t stay motivated by engaging with the things which are ruining our career.

“First, you need to create your habits and then they will create you.”

7. Work for the best and stay ready to deal with worst too:

Always do the things best possible way you can so that the appropriate outcomes can be delivered.

Also, if something doesn’t go as per the action plan don’t hurt yourself with any regret or anxiety.

Things will never remain the same; you will not get success with every effort each time.

So, when things do not work as per the action- plan, just analyze it and put more energy next time until you get it right.

Life is a combination of ups and downs, so prepare yourself in such a way that you could handle it in both situations.

There is no loss until your body and mind are fit. If it took some of your time, you can put 150% next time or you will finish it half of the time with the past experience which you got during the failure.

If some monetary value involved in it; no worries, money can earn even faster by polishing the skills and getting experience in a specific field which you got at the time of failure.

This step is one of the best steps to stay motivated without losing enthusiasm for further actions.

8. Stay Healthy: Stay Motivated

Eat good food and do meditation to keep your body and mind healthy. This will maintain your energy level and keep yourself motivated.

Keep an eye on your food and drink whichever you consume. Never eat or drink which doesn’t suit you just for the sake of taste only.

Maintain your routine to keep the smooth functionality of your body parts. Include some physical activity in your daily routine.

Meditate at least 10-15 minutes every day.

Maintaining a good diet with meditation and exercise will provide you with a healthy body and mind to stay motivated during any task.

If required, seek a bit of expert advice to maintain your fitness.

Give value to the most powerful assets of your life which are your body and mind.

Learn what to eat, when to eat, and how much should you eat.

9. Keep working and sharpening the ax to overcome any obstacle

Never stop upgrading your knowledge and learning a new skill.

Polishing your skillset and increase your expertise will keep you moving and maintain your level of motivation throughout the journey of your career.

Keep learning about your field from different sources like; books, videos, podcasts, and blogs.

Keep yourself surrounded with likeminded people; try to reach out to the expert of your field for mentorship.

Stay motivated

Learn from every situation of life and keep growing with experience of this valuable life you’ve got.

Upgrading your knowledge will help you to climb the ladder of your career and maintain your motivation for lifelong success.

10. Stay driven towards your goals

Set a realistic goal, decide deadline, and stay driven towards it.

Immersion is the key here; immerse yourself in your goal so deeply that nothing can distract you and de-motivate you.

Whatever your next goal is just write it down on papers and stick it on the places where you spend your time like; on the wall of your room or washroom or you can stick it at the backside of your mobile, or in front of the computer desk.

This will keep reminding you about your goals and help you to stay driven to them and keep yourself motivated.

Bonus Tip:

Walk your talk: Stay committed 

When your body and mind come together everything becomes possible and you never lose motivation. Not only think big but also develop the ability to do big. Work on any level but keep your mind and body connected.

Bottom line;

If you fill up yourself with motivation by going through lots of stuff but don’t take any action you will end up with no result and de-motivation.

Moreover, if you fill your mind with extreme motivation without having energy in your body you will end up with de-motivation.

So, go through the strategies and at the same time execute them into your life.

This was my guide to stay motivated. Let me know in the comment below if you have any feedback.

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