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Never Give Up- An Unstoppable Attitude (10+ Tips)

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You set up a goal, started pursuing it and decided that you will never give up.


When the journey becomes harder and you need to put your 120%, you often quit.

No worries, I’ve got your back!

In this article, you will learn how to develop a never give up attitude to become unstoppable in your life.

You have tried so many things in your life using every available resource and 100% potential. But, when the journey becomes harder, you often give up.

Then you decided something else, and the same thing happens again and you lose hope and give up.

You set a new goal one more time and set an action plan and when it comes to showing up stronger efforts; you think it is not for you, and you change the goal and give up.

You know what?

This happens with most of us, we do not get often what we want. But, it doesn’t mean we will quit and accept what life has to offer us.

No, this is not right. If you have a dream, you got to work for it.

 “If it were easy everyone would have done it” – Unknown

Trust me, you have all the potential to achieve what you want, the only condition is when going becomes hard you have to push it harder.

“Do you know, an unfortunate man is someone who accepts what life has to offer him. On the other hand, the fortunate man is someone who changes everything with his efforts and asks life to offer what he wants.”

So, if it is hard to do something, make your mindset stronger, and push through until you get it done. 

And, Never Give Up.

Know Your Aim And Stay Committed

Set your goal and stick to it.

Know what it is you want to do in the first place. Set one goal that is good for you, as per your strength, passion, and profitability. Don’t deviate from that very goal looking for different options around.

Make a strong commitment to achieving what you’ve decided to achieve. Don’t think about other possible things, just stay focused on that one goal you have set for yourself.

Make one certain way and walk through it with complete determination. Because when you think about alternatives, you often make a switch to an easier one if the first one requires additional effort.

As Napoleon Hill Says;

“One quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”  — Think and Grow Rich

Let me explain;

When you go shopping and a salesman show you too many alternatives to the stuff you are going to buy. At that time you get confused and most of the time feel regret with your purchase or you leave the shop without making the purchase.

The same goes for your goals, if you give too many alternatives to your brain, it will frequently switch among them or ask you to quit on the one you are pursuing.

Therefore, set a goal with a clear “why”, and stick to it until you get it right. Change the strategy and develop new skills but never give up on your goals.

You can read another article on goal setting, Goal Setting: Stick To 1 Goal Until You Achieve It

Don’t Think Too Much, Take Massive Action

You often waste your whole energy thinking and analyzing the things you can do.

You often fear making mistakes, people’s judgment, fear of failure and doubt your capabilities.

Because of thinking too much you never start and give up on your ideas and purpose.

Don’t be paralyzed by doing too much analysis. Once you have decided your purpose and got clarity on what you want, then just start it. You will get more resources and skills on the way to doing it.


Don’t ponder on things once you have set up a goal, take action and never give up. Because everything looks difficult unless we start doing it.

Believe That You Can Do It — Never Give Up

Believing in your abilities is the most essential part when pursuing something meaningful.

If you don’t believe in yourself nothing can be done. Loss of faith means, you decided to fail without even taking the first step.

If you have decided to do something great in your life, and you believe in yourself without having a single doubt, nothing can stop you.

“He who says he can, and who he says he can’t are both right.”  — Confucius

Most of the dreams are buried with self-doubt. So, decide one thing and believe in yourself, your capabilities that you can achieve it. Never give up. 

Develop Single-Minded Focus — Never Give Up

Once you have set up your goal and decided what you want to do, do it, no matter what.

Consider doing it as important as breathing. Get emotionally connected to your goals.  Your emotion will always push you up and fill up every possible power inside you.

Visualize the changes in your life and see how your life will be once you achieve that most important goal.


Visualize how your successful life can change your near and dear ones, your family and your friends.

Have a desire to make your loved ones lives better. Think about how you can bring a change to people’s lives who are connected with you. Like, your parents, siblings, spouse, and kids.

Give them hope that you will pursue your goals to alleviate their pains and to fulfil their dreams.

Then, move on with the mindset that you have to succeed. If not for you, but them. Never give up on your dreams.

Develop Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the key to success. Because living a successful life is not that easy man. You have to be aware that how you are spending your time doing significant things to achieve your life-changing goals.

You can’t go with the flow of the crowd. It is a must to deliberately direct your actions and strategies with proper use of your time.

You can’t say you have put your 100% one time and now it should come with better results.

No man, it is not that simple.

If it were 100%, you would have won the game. But, it was 100% as per your thinking not as per the action required for that particular work.

“When your mind and body are starting to tire and you feel like giving up, you’re only at 40% of what you are truly capable of achieving.”

— David Goggins

If you failed there must be something missing. Identify that missing point and start with more power and determination.

Wake up again with a winning mindset, and do as hard as it takes to get the job done.

Don’t let your bad habit control your right actions like procrastination, laziness, social media temptation, and others.


Remember, a better life only asks for one thing, which is self-discipline.

For instance, a healthy body asks for good foods and exercise. A healthy mind asks for meditation. A rich life wants to invest your money in the right things. And that all comes from self-discipline.

It is correctly said;

“A life without self- discipline is an insane life.”

Persist: Never Give Up

You often strive for your meaningful goals and do your best to meet them. At a point, it might seem more challenging and requires more effort, at the very instance you have to give your 120% and never give up.

But, even after putting our best with a lot of struggle, pain, and setbacks when it breaks up, your mind feels quitting, right?

You know what?

Your life is strengthening when you are going through these challenges in the pursuit of success.

Now, if you give up, these difficulties will break you, and if you persist with them, the same difficulty will make your life and bring you success.


You will always have an option to persist when there are setbacks. If you do so, you will reap the fruit of success, and if you don’t you will switch to another idea to follow. But keep in mind that another idea will also come with some challenges when you are working on it.

So, why don’t you persist with the current one?

Come up with your winning mindset and try one more time. Never give up and persist until you get it done.

Keep Upskilling Yourself

Never Give Up but don’t over commit. Seeing other people that if he or she can do something, you also can. When deciding something, know your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to set the right goals.

And, once you have clarity about your purpose, take action. If you fail you will learn if you succeed, raise the bar of success and learn new skills to reach greatness.

Not comparing yourself with others doesn’t mean you are not capable of doing things what they are. But if you are not skilled enough to do certain things, you have to gain the skillset and resources to do that particular thing first.

So, keep learning to become the better version of yourself day by day.


Learn with your experience as the journey goes, learn from like-minded people, learn from books, read blogs like this to upskill yourself.

To reach the peak of success you need to increase your knowledge and expertise consistently.

Focus What You Can Not What You Can’t

Direct your energy to the right things. Redirect your focus from temptations to the things which help you to move towards your goal.

Don’t think about the things you don’t want to make a part of your life. Focus on the things you want.

As Tony Robbins says,

“Where the focus goes, energy flows.”

Stay away from distractions and don’t postpone tasks for the next time. Don’t let negative emotion to detriment your action plan.

Because negative thoughts will disturb you and you will not be able to use the available resources to take the right actions.

Also, don’t ever express self-pity when you have nothing left. Put all the energy together and try again.

Know your uniqueness, you have something different to pursue your ambitions. Don’t get control by your thoughts, but control them.

It is one more shot away – Never Give Up

Yes, you got it right.

Life comes with a lot of setbacks and disappointments, but you have to be determined to succeed.

Develop your mind for perseverance, if you don’t do so deliberately, it will get addicted to losing and become fragile enough to quit often.


Sometimes, you might encounter a breath losing difficulty and decide that you’re done now. But, it would be the opposite and you are about to reach the destination.

Never give up, take one more chance, the victory is around the corner.

Be accountable – Share Your Goals And Deadlines

Tell people about your goals, share the deadline with them, especially with your family and friends. When you become accountable to someone, you never give up.

This makes you emotionally stronger, with a fear that if you quit they can make fun of you and your efforts. This helps you with a desire to put more effort and let you quit.

Failure Is Not A Fatal

Learn to accept failure. Analyze it, try another strategy, and bounce back with more enthusiasm.

Yes, you have to face it that you will not always get fruitful results, but it doesn’t mean you will stop.

Obstacles will always be there when you’re pursuing something meaningful, something great.

You will not get desired results even after putting in your everything. It might come to losing hope. But, keep in mind you are doing something important which is going to change your life. 

Get up one more time and think, if you quit today what would you start next?

When it comes to trying something else, you have to start at the bottom again. Which will also take your time and energy.

So, never give up. Take your half walked journey forward.


Don’t stop putting in your efforts because of the failure you recently had.

Take learning from that failure, analyze what went wrong, and get back up stronger.

“Don’t fear failure, but fear of not trying. Get up execute your plans.”

It is not only you, everyone fails to reach success. It is rightly said, “failures are stepping stones to success.”

Failure gives you a unique experience and makes you stronger on the journey of success.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

– Jack Ma

Life will always challenge you with lots of problems and ask you to go through those problems to reach the destiny of success.

So, learn to handle those temporary defeats and never give up to reach your aim.

Treat Setbacks As a Competitor

This gives me great motivation to move on when I consider all the setbacks as a competitor coming on my way.

Because whenever I hit the ground with difficulties, I start putting bigger efforts beating them like an enemy. The same way you can do it.

Treat your setbacks as a competitor or an enemy and don’t let them win by not giving up on your dreams.

Whatever your challenges are, consider them your competitor and put your one hundred per cent to go ahead of them.

When there are on your way to victory, show up the perseverance.

When it comes to hitting the ground because of these obstacles, bounce back, challenge them with your never quitting mindset and wake up again.

Obstacles are temporary, and most of the time a little more focus and energy requires to overcome them.

So, don’t get overwhelmed when you are not getting results as per the efforts you are putting in.

Bigger goals take more hard work and a better strategy to accomplish. So, keep changing the strategy, keep upskilling yourself but never give up.

Say “No” To Naysayers

“‎Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”

– Les Brown

Yes, there are people around you who will always try to pull you down. They will always try to convince you why you can’t achieve something big.

These naysayers will deliberately ask you to give up by telling so many reasons for not following your unique goal.

Don’t ever listen to these naysayers.

If you believe in yourself, no one has the right to assume your future. Stay away from those negative people.

If you can’t stay away from them, don’t take their advice, just hear and ignore them.

There is another category of folks, who might have the right intention for you and want to see you grow. But, it might happen that they don’t know what you are doing. So, don’t take advice from those people as well.

Most of the time these will be your loved ones, who will ask you to walk a different path without even knowing what is right or wrong for us.

They just say it with the lack of experience in that field and assume that if they haven’t tried it, so can’t you.

It is right for your not to follow advice from these both categories of people and continue working toward your goals. In case you need advice ask the people who are ahead of you in your industry.

Have Patience- Never Give Up

You might have heard, success doesn’t come overnight.

That’s true!

It takes time to achieve a breakthrough. So, Never give up.

Before giving up on your dreams, it is right to give some more time. It might take some more time to grow the seed you saw. So, have patience, giving up might be too early.

It takes time for people to have trust in you and your product and services. It takes time to establish a brand in the market.

You need some more people to go with your idea and win their trust.

Nobody is born with all the required resources to execute the plan at one go, it takes time to find the right resources.

You will not get the intended results to implement the knowledge you have, it will take time to understand the things and acquire new skills to apply.

So, never give up. It might be too early because it takes some time to get mastery and execute your expertise to get desired results.

Success is sometimes like growing Chinese bamboo trees, it might take time. So, think one more time before quitting.

Keep Motivating Yourself

Use positive words for you, for your work. Feel good about yourself and your capabilities.

Always use positive words when whether you are interacting with your well-wishers or haters.

Use the language of determination and focus when something negative weakens you. Because negative and poor words kill the hope of success and force you to quit.

Don’t think that you are not capable to pursue rather ask, how can you do and find the way to remove the obstacle on your way to success.

Write down the challenge you are currently facing and ask yourself, “how can you solve them?”

To sum up this message, I would say never stop believing in yourself. Never lose hope for the better.

If nobody believes in you, you have to. Because you are the one who is pursuing your dreams knowing the actual status.


People who say you can’t, have even no clue what you are doing. Stay open to learning and executing new things.

“Try one more time, never give up.”

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