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Goal Setting: Stick To 1 Goal Until You Achieve It

Do you know GOAL SETTING matters most in our success? It is that crucial task which leads us to keep working? Goal setting is the only deed that keeps us away from temptations?

It is the only thing if done properly, 50% of your work has been done?

Some people call it purpose, some people target, and even most of the people also call it a dream of their life; it might not be the ultimate dream but a dream they are working on.

Why Goal Setting Is Important?

The main essence of goal setting is, you have to know where to go?

If you don’t know where to go, will you move anywhere?

If you try to move without knowing you will just be drifting around, and possible chances are you will land up at the same place you’re started at.

It means if you want to go to the next level in your life and want to achieve something in life, firstly, you have to know what exactly it is, right?

If you start doing anything without knowing what it is and how it is going to impact your life, will you able to do it?

Maybe, but If you would able to do it, will it be the same as expected?

No, it will not.

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them ever imagine.” – Brian Tracy.

That’s where goal setting comes in the place. Know your target first, so that you would know the actual path to go. How will you do that and do it successfully, I am going to tell you the exact strategy in this article.

Let suppose, you want to achieve something in your life, something unusual, which cannot be done the way you do other things; it could be anything like; your better health, a great relationship, extra earning, education, and so on.

I will show you step by step guide to goal setting and how to achieve them within a selected timeline.

“Let me help you in your goal settings, let me suggest you something to take charge of your life; before life take charge over you.”

1. Know What Exactly Goal Is

Dreaming or wishing about something is not a goal. You can dream about a rich life, a beautiful house, or a great personality and wish if they come true and change your life.

Does it going to happen?

I am not sure! Because, these wishes only can come true when there is someone else in your life to do this for you, right?

Let me explain?

“Goals should be something specific; so that they could look real and achievable after putting some efforts within a certain extent of time.”

Let’s try to understand with some examples. Suppose your goal is to build a beautiful house. You have to define that house with certain characteristics like;

  • Name of the city and location in the city. The size of land. The number of bedrooms, kitchen, and halls. The interior and external design, and so on.
  •  Next, the budget you have. How much money are you going to spend to build this house? Write the exact amount of money. The money can go a little up and down as per the status of the market at that time, but write it down.
  • Write down the date of the foundation and date of the entrance to your house.
  • And any other features you would like to have.

Now, this seems the goal for your beautiful house not any wish of imagination, am I right?

Write down your goal in a paper by pen. No print outs, no notes on your cell phone or computer, just pen it down.

goal setting

Writing it down by holding a pen will make a clear picture of your goal on your subconscious mind, which will help you take action and stay stick to your goal.

Same goes with other things in your life, like health, finances, relationship, and so on.

Let me make it clear with one more example; let’s take money this time.

Money, everybody wants so much money, but fewer people know how much is that so much.

Do you have any financial goals written on a paper you are working for? Or you just want to be rich in life?

Can you write something specifically how much money do you want and till when you will have it? Let’s write it down

  • Write down the exact amount of money or saving you want like $100000.
  • Write down the timing or deadline with the exact date like December 31st, 2020.

I hope, I have been clear with the above examples about goal setting, and you have got a picture in your mind and started setting up your goals? Let me brief it once.

2 Goal Setting: Break Your Goal In Small Chunks

“People overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” Bill Gates

So, it is necessary to divide your goals into small parts to maintain the balance not to feel overwhelmed.

Now, divide your goals into a yearly, monthly, weakly, and daily basis. This is a little math but anybody can do it. Schedule the action plan for every week, for every month and keep tracking it.

Suppose you want to earn $100000 in one year;

  1. The monthly goal should be $100000 divided by 12
  2. Your weekly goal should be $100000 divided by 52
  3.  The daily goal will be $100000 divided by 365

This will help to stay motivated and focused on your goal. By breaking your goals in small chunks you will learn the habit of finishing the goals. Also, you will able to measure your moving steps towards your ultimate goal by and by.

3. Action Plan And Required Skills: The Rapid Fire Step To Goal Setting

When you have your schedule planned, you will no longer need to ponder on your decisions making at the time of action. Having your goals written on a paper you will start working with full energy and better focus. This will lead you to better productivity and you will able to finish your goal within the deadline.

“Remember, you must plan your own life or you have to live your life according to someone else’s plan.”

goal setting

Now start doing it and if you need to level you up and need to upgrade your knowledge, start gaining the knowledge for it side by side. Keep learning and applying the knowledge at the same time, and you will see yourself excited to learn and apply your newly learned skills.

Keep exploring the necessary skills you need to accomplish to keep yourself moving up to the ladder.

4. Determination and Consistency

Keep doing your work on a daily basis. Add brick by brick and you will end up creating a wall one day.

Yes, there will be some setbacks and you might fall down on the way. Don’t let these enemies let you down and drawback. Stay determined enough that you will achieve your goal and don’t let anything shake your focus from it.

No distraction!

Yes, there will be certain temptations while other people will having fun and living in their comfort zone. At that time keep reminding yourself why you started this goal, and if you quit you will be landed empty-handed.

Keep doing the work until you reach the final step. Maintain consistency, if you skip a day or two it might take some time to gain your focus back which can de-motivate you. So, keep your feet moving towards the direction of your goal.

 Yes, a tough time will come! But, release your 100% potential and don’t let any obstacle or mental status defeat you.

5. Fell In Love With The Process, Enjoy The Journey

So far you have understood the goal-setting process and wrote down your goal. You have written the timeline and decided on the required budget. Also, you have written down about the new skills you need to accomplish your goal.

You have also written down your action plan and strategy. Now, it requires continuity. The best way of doing your work properly without getting bored is to fell in love with the process. Keep an eye on your goal and feel the difference of working on set goal than without having a goal.

See how this separates you from other people who don’t have goals and you will fall in love with it.

6. Measure Your Daily Progress

This will help you to become more attentive, progressive and motivated to your goal. When you see the progress towards your goal, it will make you happy.

Make sure, you are moving ahead on a daily basis, monthly basis, and yearly basis. Measuring your own progress will keep you moving toward your big goal. Keep analyzing, what you have done and what you are doing to reach your goal.

7. Kill Procrastination


Procrastination is the biggest enemy in our life. It is most important to win over procrastination to achieve your set goal on time.

Do your work even you feel like doing it or not. Start doing and the rest mind will flow with your actions. It means; when we start doing something most of the time we start liking it.

Get multiple copies of your written goal and stick them around, so that it could be easily visible to you. This will keep reminding you what you need to do at this time when you are killing the time or procrastinating.

Remember; procrastination is the biggest enemy on your way of goal achievement, and your immediate action is the only weapon to kill it.

 So, take the action and keep moving towards your goal.

8. Handle Distractions: Stay Focused

Be accountable for your goals. You can also share it with the person, who trusts you and pushes you up. Doing so, you will be accountable to him or her as well. Whenever they will see you going in the wrong direction they will remind you of the actual and right path.

When something distracts you or a temptation comes to your way, take a pause and think about your goal that how far have you reached and how long it is to go and start working on it again.

Re-direct yourself to the right track of work. Before doing anything, think once whether your action will help you to contribute a little to your goal or not.

Don’t let your mind cluttered with negative thoughts stay focused on your goal; you might think: I am not good enough and failed a few times in the past. You might also think about your education and financial support.

Remember, nobody is perfect in this world; you will keep learning once you select your goal and keep working toward them.

Every successful story has many failures that are invisible to people. Most of the people who are on the top today are self-made millionaires and raised from the ground.

Keep in mind how your life looks like when you will be completed this goal. Start living it while you are working for it and keep chasing that visualization with your endless efforts.

Now, summing up with this bonus tip

Never Give Up

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”- Confucius 

Sometimes, it seems difficult to achieve our goals. You might encounter with lots of setbacks and feel exhausted. It might seem the goal is impossible even after following all the strategy and doing the right action. You might see the option of quitting or changing the goal.

You have to persevere at that time and try again with a slight change in the strategy. Take a pause and ask the experts, seek a mentor or coach to guide you.

goal setting

Understand, failure is not fatal, but it asks you to try again with another strategy and bigger enthusiasm.

You are not the only; everyone who does something fails many times. Quitting is not an option. Keep in mind; you are in pursuit of achievement until you are trying, stop considering yourself a looser.

Get up one more time!

Move one more step!

Change the strategy one more time! Never give up.

Repeat it until you achieve your goal.

This is my strategy of goal setting, which I apply in my life. It helps me keep pushing on the next level, and I believe it will help you as well to achieve your goals.

Please let me know in the comment box below how this article helped you? I love to hear from you. Your feedback helps me keep on writing, and encourages me to share my knowledge and experience.

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