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9 Proven Ways To Improve Self-Confidence

In this article,  you will learn some practical ways to improve self-confidence.

If you have everything in you but no confidence, you are not going to do something bigger in life.

Self- Confidence is one a great asset of an individual to perform any task in his career.

Without it, you are a scholar without a brain. I going to tell you the great ways to develop self-confidence.

You know what, many thoughts are killed in the brain without spoken because of low self-confidence. People don’t ask the question about what they don’t know because they don’t have confidence.

Many people don’t take action because they don’t believe in themselves.

If you are among these categories, don’t worry you are not the only and you will be no more there after reading this post. 

Confidence is not an in-born skill but can be developed by certain key methods in life. Here are the tips which will help you to improve self-confidence.

1. Don’t Fear Of Other People’s Judgment

Keep doing your work by applying 100% potential. Don’t ever let shake your thought process by fear of judgment.

Don’t be more self-conscious that what people are going to think about your action or talk.

Be courageous enough to do whatever you want to do. If it is right for you, then do it no matter what people say.

They are always going to judge whether you do good or bad. They don’t exactly know why you are doing what you are doing.

So, forget what people will say and keep doing the things confidently.

2. Feel Good About Yourself To Stay Confident

Keep motivating yourself, and moving forward in your life. Affirm some good phrases for you that you are good enough to do what you are going to do.

You are skilled enough to do necessary things in your present, and you are capable to scale your knowledge by learning new things.

Be grateful for the things you already have and thank God and people you are connected to. Positive affirmation is a great way to improve self-confidence.

Be courageous enough to do the things you need to do and you will see yourself getting better in doing that day by day.

3. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Don’t underestimate yourself and the ability you have. Don’t ever think about failure while you are doing something important, instead put your 100% focus on doing it with the ability you have.

Don’t fear making mistakes. Most people are unable to take action because of the fear of making mistakes.

Nobody can do something perfectly for the first time, there is a process of honing your craft; that is doing the necessary thing with the skill set you have, and with a span of time you will make progress.

Just find the learning from your mistake and move ahead.

Never let the fear of rejection hold you back. Take a decision, approach people, don’t ever think about the negative outcomes before taking the decision or approaching for help.

No problem, if someone says no to you, but don’t consider it a ‘NO’ before approaching them.

For example in sales, don’t ever judge whether your potential customer will buy your product or not,  just pitch your sales skills and benefits of your product in their life that’s it.

Leave that decision to them whether to buy it or not. Don’t decide everything on your own.

4. Don’t Get Trapped With Negative Self-Talk: Re-Direct Your Thoughts

Never get trapped by the chatter of the mind. When you do nothing just think, don’t think about the negative things in your life.

Don’t think about the mistakes you made, everyone makes mistakes, who don’t they don’t even try doing the things.

Don’t dwell in the bad experience of life, don’t fell in the grief of doing something wrong. 

Redirect this flood of thoughts, control them, and start thinking about your future that what are the things you can implement in life improve the quality of your life.

Think about the skills you need to learn to get the result you want in your career.

Think about how you can deliver better next time. Don’t ever self-doubt about your potential for doing the things you want to do.

Be confident enough for the resources you have and never complain about what you don’t have.

Stop wasting timing and losing your self-esteem thinking about the things you cannot change and situations you have no control over.

Focus on your strengths to maintain your level of confidence, and utilize the resources you already have to do to the things you need to do.

5. Don’t Let Someone’s Feedback Spoil Your Ability

Learn to take feedback gently and learn to differentiate complement and critics. Nobody knows you better than you.

You might have got feedback from someone, don’t let that feedback break you.

Evaluate every feedback you get and if you think you need to work upon it then work.

Don’t let someone’s words bother you and spoil your mental health.

There are lots of people who will discourage you, pull you down, and say you can’t do the things you are passionate about.

Remember, if you believe in you, no one else has the right to tell you that you are not good enough at something.

6. Stop Comparing You With Others

The comparison makes us feel bad and weaken our confidence. Nobody is the same on the planet.

Someone has more ability than others, but it doesn’t mean you will overestimate others and underestimate yourself.

Don’t ever compare yourself with someone’s status, income, knowledge, appearance, or growth. 

Don’t run away from the people who are one level up than you. Instead, face them and learn from them.

They might make you uncomfortable at some point but don’t worry that is the key learn and to lift you up.

Keep competing with yourself. Be the better version of yourself every next day.

Your continuous progress will definitely improve your self-confidence.

7. Take Care Of Your Mental And Physical Health

Our health plays an important role in our level of confidence. So, always take care of your most valuable assets; your body and mind. Eat healthy foods, do meditation and exercise.

Choose the outfit which matches you most. Take food on time, have a good sleep. Don’t even ignore a small ailment, take care of it.

Simply start taking care of yourself and you will see your self-confidence improved.

8. Create A Positive Environment To Improve Self-Confidence

The things we are involved in and people we are surrounded with always impact our life. A good atmosphere will always boost your self-esteem.

Read good books and articles, watch motivational videos, listen to an educational podcast. Avoid negative people in your day to day life.

Start living with the people who push you up and motivate you. Self-motivation is one of the keys to improving self-confidence.

Keep your desk clean and well arranged. Keep a picture of someone who inspires you most or a copy of a book you like most.

9. Give Yourself Feedback

Analyze your day and self-evaluate your actions and learn from your mistakes.

Keep learning from the past and preparing for the future.

When preparing for something new, like attending a meeting or going for an interview, prepare for it.

If something makes you nervous, practice it in front of the mirror, record your voice, and listen to it and work on the weak points.

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These were some proven ways I personally use to improve my self-confidence.

Please let me know in the comment below which one you want to apply in your life first.

Also, if I missed something, write it down below.


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