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Stop Procrastinating: 10 Steps To Avoid Time Killing Habits

Are you sick of the habit of postponing the important things in your life? Do you want to know how to stop procrastinating?. This article is for you.

Habit Of Procrastinating:

You already know what to do and what will be the result of doing that particular thing in your life. Even though you don’t do it and do other unnecessary things which give you temporary pleasure. Because your brain keeps attracting toward the easy things which create fun.

In other words, you just do the things you want to do without differentiating what is important and what is not. You are in the habit of postponing your decisions and not taking action.

You just put things off sometimes knowingly, and sometimes unknowingly. And sometimes, you have other less important tasks to do which look easier than your main task.

Even you feel guilty after postponing your today’s work till the next time. But still, you want to enjoy the sleep or food or a movie or a gathering of friends.

Don’t worry! You are not alone. We all suffer from this habit of procrastination in a moment of life or another.

Why Do We procrastinate

There are many reasons for procrastinating. Here is the main list which due to which most people procrastinate.

  1. You might not know what to do, or you don’t have any goals.
  2. You could be in fear of failure.
  3. Your goals are big enough and you are overwhelmed that where to start.
  4. You know what to do but lacking the habit of action.
  5. Might be you are surrounded by distractions, like checking email, social media, TV, bad friend circle and so on.
  6. You have a new project but you are not able to prioritize your action plan. It means you don’t know what to do first and what to do next.
  7. You might not see any immediate result of your deeds and not motivated enough about the future results. It means you are disconnected from your future-self.
  8. You might be seeking perfectionism to start something in your life.
  9. It could be many others, but I have covered the main reason for procrastination.

I understand you’ve got tired of this time killing habit and want to know how to stop procrastinating. You might have tried many tactics and tricks, but couldn’t overcome it.

Let me explain why it happens? why we delay our work?

The biggest reason for delaying a task is your brain is habitual of doing the unnecessary pleasurable and easy things. You don’t even see that your brain is on autopilot mode and attracting you towards unnecessary things.

It gets so indulged in these funny and easy things that it often surprises you when you see yourself wasting hours and hours of time. Your brain has become so lazy and doesn’t want to do things that require some energy and focus.

You might have been attracted to scrolling over social media, reading and replying to emails, watching TV serials or Netflix one after another, playing video games until hours and hours, and so on. Later, you feel bad about yourself when you see you have wasted the whole day without doing anything meaningful.

How To Stop Procrastinating

Let’s jump into the main core of this article and know-how can we stop procrastination. Here are my personally applied tips, which I generally share with people, and they thanks me later.

1. Take Action:

Start doing the work whether you feel of doing it or not. Change the habit of avoiding work. Just think, what is important at this time, take a pause and think about it.

Then force yourself toward the work and start doing it. You will start feeling good doing your work once you start it. Most of the time just taking action breaks the pattern of our habit of avoiding work.

Just start doing it and you will see yourself stop procrastinating.

2. Put off The Distractions

  • Keep tracking yourself what actually you are doing, whether it is important or not. Try to avoid thinking about unnecessary things, just say, “STOP” to flood of thoughts and see how much that matter in your life you’re thinking about.
  • Turn off the notification of all the social media apps on your phone and computer. Use social media when you need it not when social media app notifies you.
  • Switch off the internet if it is not required to perform your important work.
  • Keep your workplace tidy and well arranged with all the required things. Remove unnecessary clutter from your desk.
  • Turn off the background noise of your computer. If you work in a noisy place use earplugs to avoid distraction.

3. Divide Your Big Tasks Into Small Parts

If you are working on a project that is big enough, divide it into small sessions. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about finishing the whole project. Decide where to start first and what to do next. Then start doing it session by session taking breaks when required.

4. Keep Motivating Yourself

Change your words for yourself. Don’t call your self a procrastinator. Just understand you have a bad habit of delaying your work and you will change it by doing the work.

Stop Procrastinating: 10 Steps To Avoid Time Killing Habits

Keep motivating yourself. Feel the reward of the work you need to do at this time. See if you start doing your main work and complete it on time, how happy and satisfied you will be?

At the same time feel the pain or guilt of postponing the same task for the next time or another day. Just start doing work and visualize as soon as you finish it you will compensate yourself with something pleasurable.

5. Make Notes

Don’t get stressed about doing too many things at the same time. Write down everything you need to do and create your to-do list. Then select which task is important and which is less important for real-time. Remove the extra burden and start focusing on your most important task first.

 6. Take Actual Breaks

When you need a break take an actual break to escape mental fatigue. Don’t involve in social media or gossiping this will change your focus and you might need some energy or more time to gain it back to the work.

Instead, go for a small walk, see outside and try to enjoy nature and feel relaxed.

7. Develop The Habit Of Saying No

If possible move to a quiet place to work where no one will disturb you. Or when you are in the office start saying no to your co-workers when they ask you to discuss an unnecessary topic.

Try to take breaks alone or with likeminded people. Start saying no to your friends when they are asking to join you for amusement, like joining a party or going to the pub. Avoid phone calls while working which needs your sharp focus.

8. Stop Reacting On Everything Around You

Don’t involve in irrelevant things in your life. Don’t start caring for everything happening around. Ask yourself why do you care for a certain thing in someone else’s life or around the world.

Don’t take everything personally. Don’t feel offensive for certain feedback; if you think it is right, take it otherwise leave it. Don’t ponder on every situation too much and stop killing your time.

Don’t drain your energy putting too much clutter in your brain, else you will start to procrastinate for another coffee break or nap.

9. Use the Internet Wisely

If you are learning using the internet, be specific to get the relevant knowledge that you can implement on your work or life. Don’t get trapped by suggestions or recommendations by certain applications or web browsers.

Be specific, think why are you watching certain videos or infographics, don’t just overwhelmed by digital dementia by watching too much online stuff.

I bet you will not able to learn many topics in a small frequency of time. So just watch one video, relevant video which is gonna help you in real-time or which is related to the subject.

10. Analyze The Actual Role Of Social Media

If you are in social media business then only use it. Don’t just post your pictures or thoughts and wait for another notification that how people react to it. To see that you will get distracted by too many videos or images and start killing your time.

That was it about my top 10 tips to stop procrastinating. Please let me know in the comment box below which helped you most.

“In the end, I would say just take action whether you feel it or not. If it is important enough, give it some importance, go get up, start doing it.”


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